3 Tips To Help Your Child Use Technology In An Innovative Savvy Future-Thinking Way

Dear Parent(s),

Yes, we admit it. Staying aware of your child's technological habits can seem overwhelming and daunting, which is why we encourage you to begin having conversations with your child to bring awareness to them on how to use their smartphones, ipads and devices and technology in an innovative, and savvy thinking, future-focused manner.

Tip One:  Encourage Your Kids To Use Technology To SuperCharge Their Natural Gifts/Interests

As your kids are interacting with their cell phone and technology, make sure you encourage them to use the technology to do something more than just play games.

  • If you have a budding artist, then chat with your child to explore ways to help your child to plug into those apps that will allow their artistic super-power to come alive.
  • If you have a budding engineer, fashionista, or photographer, then encourage them to find those apps that will give them hands-on opportunities.

Tip Two:  Encourage Your Kids To Use Technology To Research Their Future Career Choice

The land of careers is evolving quickly.  While we don't always know which jobs will be created in the next 20 years, we do know that creative, and innovative and savvy thinking problem solvers will be in hot demand as teams of people from all over the globe unit to solve tomorrow's pressing problems.

Tip Three:  Encourage Your Kids To Use Technology To Research Other Cultures

As the world shifts and become more global in nature, your kids will need to have a global-citizen mindset.  They will need to understand that the world is indeed bigger then their local community.  Encourage them to use technology to get to familiar with varying cultures and mindsets that exists in communities on the other side of the globe.