Cyber Safety For Kids Is A Shared Responsibility

Dear Parents,

We often meet parents who are at a lost for how to keep their kids safe online.  They want to take action, but often don't quite know the right action to take.

As Parents, Why Should Cyber Safety For Kids Be A Concern?

Well, if we take a step back and look at it.  We see the large shift that has happened with the introduction of smart phones, social media, and various tablet technologies.  

This is because our kids are using these devices in a multitude of ways: to socialize, to research, to do homework, to talk to us, to talk to their friends, to play games, and to watch movies/shows as well as to listen to music.

With all of these multiple uses, we are at a bit of a loss to truly "control" what our sons or daughters are doing.  And yes, we can talk to them about what they are doing, but according to recent stats, 70% of teens hide online behavior from parents.

So What's A Mom Or Dad To Do?

Mom and Dad, we want you to recognize that cyber safety for kids is a shared responsibility. You have to become actively engaged in having conversations with your kids on what they are doing online.

You have to treat internet behavior much like you treated "stranger danger" conversations when they were younger.  

You have to talk through cyber security issues much like you will (or do) talk to your kids about the rules involved with driving a vehicle.

Cyber Safety For Kids Begins With You Having The Courage To Begin The Conversation

You were placed in your child's life to protect him or her.  You are there to keep your child safe in the midst of a dangerous society: both online and off.  

While it may seem a bit intimidating at first, start your cyber security conversations today.  Begin by talking (and listening) to the views that your kids have on internet safety and security.  

To get started, check out net literacy's tips for parents and teens when discussing Internet safety together.

Be Encouraged To Have Those Conversations That Help Make Your Child One Step Safer On The Internet!

Signed:  PEP IT UP Parents